Biohazards Caused By Sewage

By Grace Clark

The family will be gathering soon; it is the day of a big game, and some friends and family are coming over to view it together. As you being preparing some side dishes and snacks to match the occasion you notice that the sink is not draining right. You grab a chemical that you purchased at the grocery store and pour it down the sink, but it does not work. Before long, water begins seeping back up from every line. All of your sinks, tubs, toilets and even the water overflow drains in the garage and basement were all flooding the house with wastewater. You shut off the water main, but it just keeps coming. You decide to get your family out of there and contact someone for help.

Contaminants from flooding caused by sewage backups in your home are biohazards that may cause severe health risks to everyone exposed. Sewage backups in a house are an unfortunate incident that happens quite often. Over time, sewer lines can become clogged, or tree roots grow and cause broken, cracked or collapsed sewer lines. When this happens, it is impossible to stop the event from happening until the line is found and repaired.

You can prepare yourselves for dealing with these kinds of situations by going over your insurance policy. Learn what your responsibilities are and contact your agent if you do not already have sewage backup insurance coverage. You are already paying the monthly costs, make sure that it covers you for as many of the repair and cleaning costs as possible.

There are many ways that you can assist in preventing sewage backups from occurring on your property. Avoid disposing of paper products, other than proper bathroom tissue, in your toilets. Do not plant trees, directly above or near sewer lines in your yard. Install a sump pump and have a backwater valve mounted on the lowest drain line in your system to keep the sewer cleanout in your yard accessible. Have your pipes and valves regularly inspected and maintained properly. Find a qualified local biohazard cleanup and restoration company with the resources to help you in an emergency.

Should an incident occur, do not flush your toilets or attempt to drain tubs and sinks, you will only be adding to the problem. Do not pour harsh chemicals into the drain system; they can cause additional damages to your pipes and sewer lines. Make sure everyone is safe, shut the power off at the main, open your windows and turn off your ventilation system.

Contacting a biohazard cleanup and restoration team is your best option when it comes to sewage removal. The professionals have the training and expertise to handle sewage cleanup and restoration.

Grace Clark

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