Clean Up Of Biohazard Waste In Texas

By Grace Clark

Every day, injuries happen to people at home, work, and in other settings. These injuries can be slight, or very severe. Any injury can lead to loss of blood, resulting in a contaminated area.

Universal precautions require us to consider anybody fluids as possible carriers of disease. Even with individuals who appear healthy and disease-free, spilled blood, urine, or other fluids can potentially carry pathogens. The presence of possible pathogens require the use of protective procedures and methods to remove them from the area, and then to thoroughly sanitize the surfaces.

A solution of bleach or another biocidal agent can suffice when applied to hard surfaces. However, on porous surfaces, such as cushions or carpeting, these require more intensive cleaning efforts. Steam cleaning of carpets can kill pathogens that might exist while removing non-staining fluids.

However, blood stains anything porous when heated, making its removal crucial before sanitation. It is not a one-step method. During treatment, the area must remain inaccessible. Certified biohazard cleanup and restoration professionals can restore cushions and mats that contain blood or other biohazards through laundering, as well as provide the materials that keep such areas off-limits to others who may otherwise intrude into the area in question. Being able to work without the risk of someone spreading the contamination further helps professionals concentrate on the work at hand.

Only professional technicians with proper credentials should handle any removable contaminated items, so proper handling and decontamination can take place. Mishandling such items can result in fines. Disposing of such items with the regular garbage can also result in substantial penalties. Skilled professionals understand how to handle such incidents with compassion and sensitivity while still working quickly and efficiently.

Whenever a biohazard event affects your business, you need a skilled, compassionate, and experienced company to perform the work. Licensing and pertinent knowledge of the latest techniques can help protect your employees and customers, as well as your business’ image.


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Grace Clark

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