Dealing With Water Damage In Texas Homes

By Grace Clark

Despite the attention of last year’s horrific storms and flooding, most Texas residents lose more of their property and pay higher costs for plumbing and other mundane failures. Regardless of the source, any water damage to your home needs to be inspected and most likely cleaned and restored by a professional service.

When you do bring in a water restoration expert to examine your home; make certain they are skilled in more than just pumping out water. He should have a fairly deep inventory of equipment for each aspect of cleaning and repair your home, as well as extensive training for each member of his work crew.

Although water quickly soaks into everything except brick or stonework, a trained crew can greatly reduce the need to replace carpets, floors, and sheetrock panels if they arrive and get started immediately drying the home. One of the best methods they have at their disposal is lowering the inside humidity as they remove the water.

As the pumps work, crew members install dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air and surrounding property like the sheetrock panels used for walls and ceilings. Their initial goal must be to lower the humidity to under 60 percent. If they place these machines in the right spots in the home, crew members can reduce the inside humidity by up to 20 percent each day.

Your service should also be aware of how they can augment the dehumidifiers, so they work more efficiently. Crew members should have air movers and exhaust fans on hand to install in your home. The air movers force warm, dry air over surfaces to assist in drawing out moisture and pushing the cooler, damp air toward the exhaust fans where these devices blow it out of the home.

Removing sources of moisture also includes disposing of soaked property. After crew members pump out the bulk of the water, they use extraction wands to draw water from the carpets. After removing enough to lift and roll the carpet, they pull up and dispose of the pad underneath. A single carpet pad can hold a huge amount of water. These pads deteriorate quickly, so they are far more cost-effective to dispose of than to attempt to dry them.

If you are dealing with water damage from faulty plumbing or a failed appliance like a water heater, you need a professional to deal with the effects in your home. Call a licensed restoration service today to schedule an inspection and get the remediation process started.

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Grace Clark

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